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MarvellousMe for Parents


Finally, a meaningful answer to the question, ‘what did you do at school today?’MarvellousMe tells you what your child does at school.
It’s a simple and effective tool to help you to work closer with teachers to improve your child’s education.
Parents who use MarvellousMe help their children to do better. You will be able to have great family conversations with your child about school, practise topics covered in class, continue their learning and celebrate and reinforce their good work and behaviours. Your child’s happiness at school, learning and life skills will improve as a result.
MarvellousMe instantly notifies you whenever your child’s teacher posts an activity, awards a badge, or sends you a message or reminder. It’s much easier than keeping track of emails, bits of paper in book bags, or navigating through websites.
Experience your child’s learning journey as it happens.Enjoy great family conversations about school.Improve your child’s learning, behaviour and life skills.Keep up to date with messages and reminders from your child’s teacher.Send your child’s teacher ‘hi5s’, to thank them for keeping you regularly informed.
To sign up to MarvellousMe, you will need a join code from your child’s teacher. Please download the app and tap ‘Need help? Get a code’, or go to for more information and help in getting a code.